Neckar Coffee (#PourOverPorn)

Instagram is full of #foodporn.

Today I  present a new fetish to you: Pour Over Porn.

Yep. SO much raw, beautiful, pour over coffee you’ll undoubtedly be craving a cup.

These images were shot of the radical dudes of Neckar Coffee (local Boise coffee roasters) at the Saturday Market for an article that ran in the Boise Weekly.

Hildy and Sir Charles | Boise Photographer

Meet Charles. (Aka, Charlie, Char-Char, Char-broil, Charles-In-Charge).

Hildy and Charles are best pals. Hildy and I are best pals. That means, by default, Charles and I are best pals too. Look at him. Who wouldn’t love him?!

In early December Hildy and I (and Charlie) went to Mores Creek Summit to search for our Christmas trees.  Before grabbing a saw I grabbed my camera and we got some fun shots of these two lovin’ it up in the snow. So glad we took the time to take these!

As a side note, we also did find two PERFECTLY imperfect Christmas trees after a long, steep hike. Such a fun afternoon of quiet, snow and sunshine. I hope we can do it again next year with Charlie AND Gus!


Jason + Erin | Boise Engagement Photographer

These two are awesome. They are incredibly laid back and they braved a frigid, windy December day like champs. (Turns out, we should have waited a few weeks and caught a 50 degree day… Hindsight always has been a jerk…)

High-five to Alexis for tagging along and being a trooper!

Hopefully they don’t kill me for this next observation… but doesn’t Jason look like a young, dashing Tom Hanks?! And doesn’t Erin look like a prettier version of Sookie Stackhouse?!

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in May. It will be lovely.

Thomas Paul | for Boise Weekly

Meet Thomas Paul. He’s an ambitious, yet easy going local musician. Later this month he and his fellow musicians will have a new album out — Goodbye, Waterloo. Read Amy Atkins full cd review here.

For these shots I decided it was time to head over to the ol’ Simplot Hill. The wide open space and the snowy foothills off in the distance seemed perfect. However, I didn’t really think about how miserable it could be weather-wise. My version of hell isn’t sweltering hot….its a freezing, windy, miserably cold place. The top of Simplot Hill sort of resembled that — don’t be fooled by the sun! By the time we stumbled our way (actually, I think I was the only one stumbling) back down the hill I don’t think either of us could move of our fingers. So, all things considered, these turned out pretty swell! However, I’ll be back in the summer to experiment with this location a bit more leisurely…

Check out Thomas’ CD Release party at the VAC on January 15th.

PEO Chapter House | Boise Photographer

A few weekends ago I did some family portraits. It was tough to find an indoor location for 7 grandkids to gather. The PEO Chapter House was nice enough to let us take over their main floor to do some portraits in the warmth of the indoors. Because they didn’t have any photos of their building in the winter/snow, I snapped some shots for them to use on their website as thank you for allowing us to use thier space.

Here’s a quick look at them!