Richard + Amy’s Wedding Album | Boise Wedding Photographer

I recently designed and ordered Amy and Richard’s wedding album. Here are some shots of how it turned out. Quite beautiful and classic I’d say! Thanks to KISS books for a gorgeous album!

Sneak Peek ♥ Dave & Jessie ♥ Married!

Here’s another look at Dave & Jessie’s wedding at Crane Creek Country Club.

After the ceremony the sun was low on the horizon and was illuminating everything in a warm glow. Beautiful! The bright sunlight in combination with the light reflecting off the 18th hole’s pond made these photos equally easy and challenging. I could have photographed lens flares and silhouettes and washed out photos all day long! Trying to get some photos that captured the intense light but didn’t overwhelm the image was a challenge.

I should have mentioned this several posts ago, BUT better late than never….

Giulia Bartolotta assisted me with several weddings this summer. She helped with Josh & Victoria, Nick & Jessica, and Dave & Jessie. And when I say helped, I mean she was awesome. Several of the images below are gorgeous moments that she captured. As I’ve been editing I’ve been shocked at how well our styles compliment each other. When I’m trying to organize people for this group photo or shift them over to that new location, Giulia does a truly rad job of honing in on opportunities as they present themselves: moments between people, unique lighting, interesting point of view. You can check out Giulia’s flickr page here.

Oh! And, I must point out that Jessie looks absolutely stunning and was a very classic bride. Wouldn’t you agree?