All About Games | Boise Photographer

Downtown near the 8th Street escalator you’ll find this little shop — All About Games. Inside is a colorful array of games and puzzles galore. If you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the adorable polo-wearing shop dog.

Here’s a cool little factoid: All About Games does game rental…for CHEAP. So instead of dropping $30 on a game you’ve never played (and then having buyer’s remorse) you can just rent it and try it out for a few bucks. Pretty sweet idea.

Epitome Home & Garden (for Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual) | Boise Photographer

Epitome is one of those stores you can circle 5 times and still find new little treasures each time you circle around. Its a great option for gifts and fun home or patio accents.

I just love the grouping of rusted old springs. I might have to go back and get those before they’re gone…

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Army Navy Surplus (for Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual) | Boise Photographer

Did you know that there is an Army Navy surplus store in Garden City?

(Me neither). But there is — check out their site!

I may not go in for army fatigues or rafting gear, but in October when I’m needing some Halloween costume inspiration…I’ll have to remember how awesome their hat selection is…