All About Games | Boise Photographer

Downtown near the 8th Street escalator you’ll find this little shop — All About Games. Inside is a colorful array of games and puzzles galore. If you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the adorable polo-wearing shop dog.

Here’s a cool little factoid: All About Games does game rental…for CHEAP. So instead of dropping $30 on a game you’ve never played (and then having buyer’s remorse) you can just rent it and try it out for a few bucks. Pretty sweet idea.

Epitome Home & Garden (for Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual) | Boise Photographer

Epitome is one of those stores you can circle 5 times and still find new little treasures each time you circle around. Its a great option for gifts and fun home or patio accents.

I just love the grouping of rusted old springs. I might have to go back and get those before they’re gone…

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Army Navy Surplus (for Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual) | Boise Photographer

Did you know that there is an Army Navy surplus store in Garden City?

(Me neither). But there is — check out their site!

I may not go in for army fatigues or rafting gear, but in October when I’m needing some Halloween costume inspiration…I’ll have to remember how awesome their hat selection is…

Fancy Pants (for Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual) | Boise Photographer

Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual hit the stands last week. If you haven’t grabbed a copy, you should. It’s a wealth of info on the valley…aaaaand its free.

I’m going to start to post extra photos from the assignments that ran within Annual Manual’s pages…. Why not start with the shopping category? I know I’d rather be shopping than sitting at my desk…

Let’s start with Fancy Pants (in downtown Boise).

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Evergreen Sprinkler Supply | Boise Photographer

Well this is strange.

I SWEAR I photographed Evergreen Sprinkler for Boise Weeky’s Best of Boise…buuuuuut I can find no evidence to back up my theory. Might as well post the pics anyway, right? For those of you needing tips on winterizing your sprinklers holler at these guys!