Richard + Amy | Boise Wedding Photographer

Richard and Amy.

How do I count the ways I loved their wedding day?

Starting with the crisp morning air in McCall and finishing with the bride insisting I drink out of her champagne glass, this wedding was absolutely charming and downright fun!

Here were some of my favorite highlights:

A beautiful one of a kind gown. Amy had the lace straps added. Perfection.

A second generation suit. Richard wore his father’s suit… the suit he wore on his own wedding day.

A dreamy backdrop of a beautiful lake. Amy was on a boat in her dress and flip-flops (ie flippy floppies). Which of course makes me think of SNL’s “I’m on A Boat..”

A  mint (condition and color) classic ford and a GTO that caravanned to the church.

A short Catholic ceremony (What?? Who knew they could be short?) that was very intimiate.

An amazing dinner that I was very thoughtfully included in with a seat at table #4.

And most importantly — the whole day was surrounded with incredibly gracious, kind people.

Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Holm!





Jacob + Megan | Boise Wedding Photographer


Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Pena!
The rain may have hindered the photos a bit, but it sure didn’t stop you from throwing an awesome party.
Nor will it hinder the exciting next chapter of your lives…
Also, thanks to the amazing Nicole Hill (of Nack Photography) for second shooting with me! Some of her images are included in the shots above.

Chris + Danielle ♥ A Few Frames ♥ Boise Wedding Photographer

What a beautiful wedding on a beautiful fall day.

Couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Couldn’t have asked for a happier bride and groom.

Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect location or sweeter details.

Couldn’t have asked for kinder guests.

Couldn’t have asked for more love to be in the air.

As of now, this is my last wedding for 2011. With hundreds of beautiful images to sift through, I couldn’t be happier that this was my season finale!

Congrats to Chris and Danielle!!

Sneak Peek ♥ Dave & Jessie ♥ Married!

Here’s another look at Dave & Jessie’s wedding at Crane Creek Country Club.

After the ceremony the sun was low on the horizon and was illuminating everything in a warm glow. Beautiful! The bright sunlight in combination with the light reflecting off the 18th hole’s pond made these photos equally easy and challenging. I could have photographed lens flares and silhouettes and washed out photos all day long! Trying to get some photos that captured the intense light but didn’t overwhelm the image was a challenge.

I should have mentioned this several posts ago, BUT better late than never….

Giulia Bartolotta assisted me with several weddings this summer. She helped with Josh & Victoria, Nick & Jessica, and Dave & Jessie. And when I say helped, I mean she was awesome. Several of the images below are gorgeous moments that she captured. As I’ve been editing I’ve been shocked at how well our styles compliment each other. When I’m trying to organize people for this group photo or shift them over to that new location, Giulia does a truly rad job of honing in on opportunities as they present themselves: moments between people, unique lighting, interesting point of view. You can check out Giulia’s flickr page here.

Oh! And, I must point out that Jessie looks absolutely stunning and was a very classic bride. Wouldn’t you agree?