Modern Art! | Boise Photojournalist

Get on down to the Modern Hotel this Thursday for their extraordinary 4th Annual Modern Art. Please… go, go go!

I’ve gone the last two years; it is certainly worth checking out. On the first Thursday of May the Modern is at full vacancy & instead of tired travelers, artists take over the hotel to show their work — whatever that may be. You, the First-Thursday-going-Cinco-De-Mayo-celebrating-folk that you are, can grab a PBR or a fancy drink or a non-alcoholic beverage (of course), as you wander in & out of all the Modern’s rooms checking out exhibits & artists & people watching like crazy. Trust me, the people watching is amazing.

Below are photos that I took in 2010 for Boise Weekly.

Read Boise Weekly’s Tara Morgan’s article, “Checking in to the Fourth Annual Modern Art” for more info on this year’s event.






Ballet Idaho’s The Sleeping Beauty | Boise Photographer

I have so many images stacking up that need to be posted on my blog its hard to choose where to begin. Next week I will finally get around to posting the extra photos from Boise Weekly’s Restaurant Guide (which is still out on stands! so, grab one!) so get ready for lots of delicious food photos (…and chef portraits).

Today I opted to post the photos from the BW shoot of Aurura and the Prince from Ballet Idaho’s The Sleeping Beauty. Why would I choose this? Because you can still go to the performance!! Tomorrow they will perform two shows, 2pm & 8pm. After seeing their gorgeous costumes and as a fan of Tchaikovsky’s work I’m sure this classical ballet will be stellar. Read what Amy Atkin’s has to say here.

Have kids? Check out the Family Series the Ballet Idaho offers. VERY cool.


Thomas Paul | for Boise Weekly

Meet Thomas Paul. He’s an ambitious, yet easy going local musician. Later this month he and his fellow musicians will have a new album out — Goodbye, Waterloo. Read Amy Atkins full cd review here.

For these shots I decided it was time to head over to the ol’ Simplot Hill. The wide open space and the snowy foothills off in the distance seemed perfect. However, I didn’t really think about how miserable it could be weather-wise. My version of hell isn’t sweltering hot….its a freezing, windy, miserably cold place. The top of Simplot Hill sort of resembled that — don’t be fooled by the sun! By the time we stumbled our way (actually, I think I was the only one stumbling) back down the hill I don’t think either of us could move of our fingers. So, all things considered, these turned out pretty swell! However, I’ll be back in the summer to experiment with this location a bit more leisurely…

Check out Thomas’ CD Release party at the VAC on January 15th.