Bier:Thirty (Formerly Known As Brewforia) | Boise Photographer

Best Reason to Bike Your Butt Out to Bown? Bier:Thirty

Chris and Kammie Oates, (the owners, those two blurry folks below) are your beer hook-ups. This brew focused Bown Crossing shop is a “bottle & bistro”…meaning you come shop for your bottles to go or sit down for a beer and bite. The selection is seriously impressive.

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Jo’s Sunshine Lounge | Boise Photographer

What a gem!

I don’t even want to tell you about this place for fear people actually read my blog and might go take over the bar stools at Jo’s Sunshine Lounge.

It’s attached to a Rodeway Inn and doesn’t look like much at all from the outside. Inside it is like a wooden time capsule from the 70’s. They have live music, free popcorn, cheap drinks, awesome bartenders.

Get this…buried under the wooden dance floor lies a plexiglass dance floor … you know, the kind with the squares that light up in different colors… awesome.

Nightlife. Heirloom Dance Studio | Boise Photographer

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance you’ve got to check out Heirloom Dance Studio. They make it incredibly easy and laid-back to walk in and get your dance on. While I was there I caught the tail end of a West Coast Swing class and the beginning of a Lindy Hop class. I must admit, it looked really fun. I was wishing I was in the class instead of taking photos. Heirloom teaches tons of other styles….check out their schedule here.

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