Danni Gilbert | Boise Photojournalist

Last week’s Boise Weekly ran an infuriating and heartbreaking story.

Below are a series of images of Danni, who was nothing short of gracious, at St. Lukes in Boise. Her acupuncturist, Paige, was very accommodating and let me observe and photograph during the start of their appointment.

As I walked the 4 blocks back to my office, tears welled in my eyes as I was mixed with equal parts of frustration and sadness. Frustration because of a healthcare system that has a focus on profit (instead of health?) and of sadness because life is unpredictable and so very fleeting.

George Prentice does a superb job explaining Danni’s plight with cancer and Blue Cross, so I won’t even try to summarize. Just go and read it here.

Job Club | Boise Photojournalist

Mark is a success story for the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation’s Job Club. Essentially, Job Club a resource for people with disabilities to meet as a group and receive guidance from a job coach on how to find employment. I just spoke with Mark on the phone today. He wanted copies of these photos for his LinkedIn account. Sounds to me like Job Club is hep to the jive with social media!

Gaye Bunderson’s article can be read here on IBR’s website if you have a membership.

Chef Lou Aaron | Boise Portrait Photographer

When we lived at State & 22nd, the Westside Drive-In was our stand-by on nights when the Albertsons down the street seemed too far away. Thank you, Chef Lou Aaron, for your array of menu options at the Westside Drive-In–baked potatoes, tater tots w/fry sauce, awesome shakes, chili, onion rings, salads, BLTs, scotch n’ sodas… alright, you get the idea…

Moving along. I photographed Chef Lou Aaron for a story that revolved around rising prices in the food industry and the far-from-ideal-effect it is having on restaurants (and everyone).

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