Fast Lane Go Karts | Boise Photographer

These guys aren’t lying when they say these go karts are fast. They’re fast.

You pay for about 5 minutes of racing time and it may not be cheap, but it sure looks like a fun adrenal rush.

Sheree Whiteley’s Boise Weekly article on Fast Lane is here.

Settlers Park | Boise Photographer

Settler’s Park in Meridian is a pretty impressive place. Between the fields for sports games and the pond for fishing, most kids will stay busy. There is also a really cool playground area with a rubbery-bouncy floor, a “rock” to climb, musical toys and a splash pad. Pretty awesome place to take kids or some adults.

Read more about Settler’s Park via Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual.

‘Hoods. Meridian & Kuna | Boise Editorial Photographer

Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual spotlights local ‘hoods. And now I’m showing off the extra pics from my assignment of…

Meridian & Kuna

Have a (hyper) dog? Check out the Bark Park.

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AJ’s Homecoming Surprise | Boise Lifestyle Photographer

About a month ago (yes, I’m a bit behind with my blogging) AJ came home for a 2 week leave from his Tour in Iraq. Andrea, his wife, had me come out to the airport to get shots as they saw each other for the first time in 9 months. If you missed that post, you can see it here. The next day they planned out a surprise for their two girls. I am a huge fan of surprises so I just had to be there!

Andrea took their two daughters to Settler’s Park in Meridian to hang out and eat lunch. AJ waited across the playground and then made his way over to them…. It was incredibly cute. They didn’t see it coming at all — it was a total shock to see their dad before their eyes when they thought he was still overseas. Such a fun moment to capture for this family. Enjoy!

Clayton Borah. Designer & Photographer | Boise Portrait Photographer

When my clients shift awkwardly in front of my camera and nervously assure me that they are NOT photogenic and do NOT like being photographed I assure them that they are preaching to the choir.

For several years I have needed a portrait for my website to replace my utterly riduculous self-portrait from my first year at photo school. For a laugh, check it out here:

Earlier this month a few local photographers and myself submitted work for a cover contest assignment for Idaho Business Review’s Travelog. When I found out that my image was chosen (yay!) they requested a portrait of me in case they had room to run it in. And, there I was…..a photographer without a headshot. Go figure.

When I threw out a random “any local photographers want to trade and take portraits of each other?” request I crossed my fingers that someone from the twitter or facebook world would respond. Low and behold, Clayton Borah (whom I have only met one other time in person) jumped at the opportunity and we hit downtown Meridian’s streets the next day.

Below are the images I took of him. I’ll be updating the portraits of myself on my blog & site soon with the photos he took of me.

Check out Clayton’s Photo Website and Design Website.