Jason + Erin | Boise Engagement Photographer

These two are awesome. They are incredibly laid back and they braved a frigid, windy December day like champs. (Turns out, we should have waited a few weeks and caught a 50 degree day… Hindsight always has been a jerk…)

High-five to Alexis for tagging along and being a trooper!

Hopefully they don’t kill me for this next observation… but doesn’t Jason look like a young, dashing Tom Hanks?! And doesn’t Erin look like a prettier version of Sookie Stackhouse?!

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in May. It will be lovely.

Grant + Raechelle ♥ Boise Engagement Photographer

Blogging will be the end of me. I just can’t quite figure out the right balance of text + images + format. I’m trying a new approach (which will need some tweaking, no doubt) this morning, so if you have feedback, feel free to leave it.

Either way, enjoy the photos of this awesome duo. Next summer I’ll be photographing their wedding with or without discs and certainly without abandoned motels…



Chris + Danielle’s Invitations | Boise Engagement Photographer

Earlier this week I opened my mailbox to find a lovely kraft paper envelope in my mailbox. I was even more delighted to open it and find such an awesome invitation suite! Danielle is a graphic designer so it is no surprise that their wedding invitations are so fantastic. And, I think they chose the perfect photo to include.

Reason #147 that working from home can be difficult: Cats are always walking into my frame…

…and knocking over my subject matter…

…and then walking away to take a nap like they did nothing wrong…

Christian + Chelsea (more!) ♥ Boise Engagement Photographer

Lately I’ve been finding that it is easiest to do a short sneak peak for my clients right away. Once I’ve finished editing their images I end up going back and doing a second, more thorough post. That said, some of these images may be familiar, but many are hot off the photoshop press!

Chelsea and Christian were about as easy going as it gets. When I arrived to the park they were juggling oranges… and so we began our shoot with silly images…which completely disolved any nerves. (Although, this couple was so laid back the whole time they just might be the nerve-free type). We caught some really lovely evening light and had a great time getting such a wide array of fun photos. In the middle of winter I’ll be aching for a warm, glowing evening photoshoot just like this one.

And I will also be aching to head to Panama to documenting their April beach wedding…