Panama Canal | Travel Photography

When my brother (a contractor in the Treasure Valley) found out I was going to visit the Panama Canal he said I had to take some photos for him.

Well Nathan…unfortunately a couple things were working against me getting a stellar shot of the canal.

1. The upper observation deck (with the best views) was closed for construction. Not only did this mean that I couldn’t get a good birds’ eye view of the canals, but it also meant that the lower deck was quite crowded.

2. Earlier in the week a ship had bumped one of the gates within the locks and it wasn’t functioning properly so they had to close down one of the two channels so there was less action going on. In one of the photos you’ll see a giant red and white crane that they brought in to work on the repairs.

However, here are some photos of our excursion to the Miraflores locks, which is one of three sets of locks that make up the Panama Canal (this one is on the Pacific side). And by, “our” excursion I am talking about the “Christian –& –Chelsea –destination-wedding-entourage”. (If you missed our visit to the orphanage you can check it out here.)

Be sure to enjoy the top notch vacation attire shots. Oh! And take note of how the men aboard the ship passing through the canal are taking photos and waving to all the people on the observation deck who are also waving and taking pictures of the boats. Hilarious!