Jackson Family | Boise Family Photographer


Photo sessions don’t always go as planned.

95+ degrees. 3 kids. Dust everywhere. Unexpected first day of hop harvest for stressed Nathan (dad/farmer-in-charge).

This one was a little rough.

Heather (beautiful mother of these 3 adorable kids) has a fantastic sense of humor. Her exasperation with her kids and hilarious honesty made this session-gone-awry well worth the trip to Wilder.

So we shortened our session to 30 minutes and called it a day. (We’ll pick up that other 30 minutes at some point this fall when harvest is over and temps have dropped and sanities are back.)

I’m glad we spent that 30 minutes together though, because I think there are some real fun images to show for it….and for the Jackson’s to remember their Summer 2011 by, albiet a little crazy.

Megan + Jacob + Hayden | Boise Family Photographer

Get ready…

to meet…


Enter Jacob and Megan (recently engaged!)….and let the fun begin!

This little boy is lucky. He is surrounded with so much love.

Speaking of love….why is it that kids love blue snow cones so much?! (Yep, Hayden got a cool treat for being such an awesome sport)

Whoa, too much cuteness in one family… right?!

Jacob and Megan are recently engaged!

This little boy is lucky. He is surrounded with so much love.

And speaking of love….I can’t help but wonder–why do kids love blue snow cones so much?!

The Storms | Boise Portrait Photographer

Kate, Peter and Andrew got together to do a photo session as a gift for their mom’s birthday later this month. Between Scrabble, chess, wandering around outdoors and reenacting an old family photo, I think we got some wonderful candids and posed shots. Thanks to Kate for orchestrating the the session and getting in touch with me from Seattle. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and your brothers!

Check back over the weekend if you’d like — I plan to add more images to the slideshow once they’re complete.

**Update 1/10/11** more photos have been added!