Hildy and Sir Charles | Boise Photographer

Meet Charles. (Aka, Charlie, Char-Char, Char-broil, Charles-In-Charge).

Hildy and Charles are best pals. Hildy and I are best pals. That means, by default, Charles and I are best pals too. Look at him. Who wouldn’t love him?!

In early December Hildy and I (and Charlie) went to Mores Creek Summit to search for our Christmas trees.  Before grabbing a saw I grabbed my camera and we got some fun shots of these two lovin’ it up in the snow. So glad we took the time to take these!

As a side note, we also did find two PERFECTLY imperfect Christmas trees after a long, steep hike. Such a fun afternoon of quiet, snow and sunshine. I hope we can do it again next year with Charlie AND Gus!


Nightlife. Heirloom Dance Studio | Boise Photographer

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to dance you’ve got to check out Heirloom Dance Studio. They make it incredibly easy and laid-back to walk in and get your dance on. While I was there I caught the tail end of a West Coast Swing class and the beginning of a Lindy Hop class. I must admit, it looked really fun. I was wishing I was in the class instead of taking photos. Heirloom teaches tons of other styles….check out their schedule here.

Watch the slideshow below or scroll down to view the images storyboard style…


Chris + Danielle (more!) ♥ Boise Engagement Photographer

Today I thought I’d share a more thorough post of my engagement session with the lovely Danielle and handsome Chris.

We started off at the Essay Building downtown before making our way up to Military Reserve in the foothills.

We caught the blue wildflowers blooming under blue skies. To top it off, we didn’t see any snakes and we happened upon a grazing deer about 20 feet away from us as we trekked back to the cars. If only we had got a shot of them with the deer….ahh…next time…