Megan + Jacob + Hayden | Boise Family Photographer

Get ready…

to meet…


Enter Jacob and Megan (recently engaged!)….and let the fun begin!

This little boy is lucky. He is surrounded with so much love.

Speaking of love….why is it that kids love blue snow cones so much?! (Yep, Hayden got a cool treat for being such an awesome sport)

Whoa, too much cuteness in one family… right?!

Jacob and Megan are recently engaged!

This little boy is lucky. He is surrounded with so much love.

And speaking of love….I can’t help but wonder–why do kids love blue snow cones so much?!

Shop. Joyride Cycles | Boise Photographer


Joyride Cycles is a tucked away joint in Hyde Park. Whether you ride a cruiser, road bike or dirt bike these guys and gals can help you out.

About a week before I went to Joyride I bought a used road bike and promptly purchased a new seat for it. When I saw that Joyride had a saddle with bats on it I was super bummed that I didn’t go to Joyride Cycles sooner.

Grab a copy of Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual to get the skinny on more awesome local retail shops.

Okay, I just have to post a pic of the bat saddle… One day it shall be mine!!!

Check out the slideshow or scroll down further to see the images storyboard style…


13th Street Pub & Grill

The 13th Street Pub & Grill has opened doors on a prime corner in Hyde Park (where Bungalow used to be).

Nick and I have been there a few times for dinner. Delicious baked Mac & Cheese ($4.95, I believe). Awesome chef salad. Great fish & chips. Plenty of microbeers on tap. Great patio. What more could you ask for?

Rumor even has it that they will be enclosing and heating their patio for the winter.  Ahhh…and only a mere 4 blocks from my house. Lucky me!

Sarah Barber’s review is here and Rachel Daigle’s review is here.

See Jen Thread

Boise Weekly’s Find of the Week!

Heard of threading? Think waxing, minus the wax plus thread. (Hopefully you can get the idea with the help of the photos…)

I had it done once and thought it was far better than waxing, especially with my sensitive skin. Jennifer Canning at Euphoria Salon in Hyde Park is currently the only person in Boise licensed to do threading.

PS. Totally recycled the See Jen Thread title from back when I did some photos of Jane (in Seattle for The Seattle Weekly) and her threading skills.