Dessert with the Hagans Family | Boise Family Photographer

Kids don’t hide their total excitement about food. (Maybe because they’re not mentally counting calories with every bite?)

Silverware is optional. It is sticky, it is messy. Noses…hair…ears..nothing is safe.

I love photographing kids sitting down to a meal or snack. Maybe it’s because I’m used to adults shun me–fork in hand and piercing distrust in their eyes– if I come anywhere near them with my camera? Whatever it is, I just love photographing kids eating.

I suppose you could say that I eat it up….

This was just a portion of my family shoot with the Hagans. Two hours can be a long time to keep kids entertained. What better way to break up the session than with a spontaneous pumpkin roll dessert snack and cider in big-kid mugs?

Baby Stella | Boise Family Photographer

When I do blog posts of photo sessions with friends, I often have a hard time writing the intro. I think it is because I want to do justice to who I know them to be without getting too personal or rambling for too long.

So I will say this: Sean and Hannah are a great couple and great friends to have. When I heard Hannah was pregnant, I knew they would be nothing shy of great parents. When Stella was born two months early, I knew they were a couple that could handle the pressures of a premature baby much better than most.

We took Stella’s photos about a week after her due date — which actually put her at just over 2 months old. I must admit that I was blown away by Hannah’s honesty about parenting (the ups AND the downs) and by her focus on what was going on in my life (not much by comparison!), all the while keeping a watchful eye on her new tiny daughter. I can see that I’ll be taking parenting notes from her and Sean for years to come.

Congrats to Sean and Hannah and Herrley (the handsome dog at the end of the post) on the addition of lovely Stella to their family!

Richard + Amy | Boise Engagement Photographer

Meet Richard and Amy.

These two are charming and timeless — both in their love for each other and in the way they looked through my lens.

Our entire session took place within a half mile radius of their Northend home.  After our session we sat in their dining room and got to know each other better over glasses of wine in crystal goblets.

I can only hope that when planning my own wedding someday I will be as appreciative and hospitable as they have been. I cannot wait to photograph their September wedding in McCall!

Baby Mia and Family | Boise Family Photographer

I smiled so much while editing these photos.

Mia’s smile is contagious and her expressions are just plain adorable (not to mention funny). Older brother, Kellen, is equally expressive and charming.

This is exactly why I love ‘lifestyle’ portraits…

Kids feel relaxed in their own home, changes of clothes are easy, snacks are close by, favorite toys can be incorporated, mom & dad can wander in and out of the frames. The photo studio in JC Penny or Walmart just isn’t going to find faces this happy or this natural!