Cambree Turns 6! | Boise Children Photographer

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you may remember Cambree.  I’ve done birthday portraits for her for a few years. Here she’s  four. And here she’s the big 0-5.

This year she’s SIX and she has a new baby brother (we snuck in a few shots of Andrew in his stroller).

Cambree has always come to her birthday photo sessions equipped with plenty of poses, expressions and nutty ideas. This year we got a little more theatrical as we wandered around the greenbelt and the Boise State campus. I suggest keeping your eye out for the impromptu mourning session at what looked like a gravestone and for the run-in with the bronco statute.

Hard to believe the years have gone by so quickly…

36th Street Greenbelt Bridge | Boise Photographer

The greenbelt has been getting some serious improvements. Freshly paved paths, new bridges….especially near where the planned recreation park will be. This bridge helps make the greenbelt more accessible and functional for those in the Garden City/Veteran’s Memorial stretch.

Check out all the details in Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual.

Christian + Chelsea (more!) ♥ Boise Engagement Photographer

Lately I’ve been finding that it is easiest to do a short sneak peak for my clients right away. Once I’ve finished editing their images I end up going back and doing a second, more thorough post. That said, some of these images may be familiar, but many are hot off the photoshop press!

Chelsea and Christian were about as easy going as it gets. When I arrived to the park they were juggling oranges… and so we began our shoot with silly images…which completely disolved any nerves. (Although, this couple was so laid back the whole time they just might be the nerve-free type). We caught some really lovely evening light and had a great time getting such a wide array of fun photos. In the middle of winter I’ll be aching for a warm, glowing evening photoshoot just like this one.

And I will also be aching to head to Panama to documenting their April beach wedding…

Taylor Isabelle | Boise Child Photographer

Last spring I did photos of Taylor when she was just learning to sit up. They turned out incredibly cute. Check out the old post here!!

We caught an absolutely gorgeous autumn day in Eagle on the greenbelt and had fun getting photos of her walking (and tumbling) through the leaves. Aren’t blue eyes and perfectly chubby cheeks incredible?!