Danni Gilbert | Boise Photojournalist

Last week’s Boise Weekly ran an infuriating and heartbreaking story.

Below are a series of images of Danni, who was nothing short of gracious, at St. Lukes in Boise. Her acupuncturist, Paige, was very accommodating and let me observe and photograph during the start of their appointment.

As I walked the 4 blocks back to my office, tears welled in my eyes as I was mixed with equal parts of frustration and sadness. Frustration because of a healthcare system that has a focus on profit (instead of health?) and of sadness because life is unpredictable and so very fleeting.

George Prentice does a superb job explaining Danni’s plight with cancer and Blue Cross, so I won’t even try to summarize. Just go and read it here.

Double Execution at Old Idaho Pen | for Boise Weekly

I worked on these images with Boise Weekly’s George Prentice for his very interesting article that tied together the past (a double execution in 1951) and the present (changes to Idaho’s execution laws). Here’s the article Friday the 13th

This Friday there will be special tours (given by Amber Beierle, pictured in many of the photos) at the Old Idaho Pen to mark the anniversary of the double execution of the two youngest prisoners in the state of Idaho. Here’s the info on that:

April-Friday the 13th Old Pen Evening Tours

6:00pm-10:00pm. Last Admission 9:00pm.

Enjoy one of three freaky Friday the 13ths in 2012 at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. This date holds extra significance because 61 years ago, on April 13, 1951, Troy Powell and Ernest Walrath were executed on site. Open after hours, this year we will display artifacts from our unique collection and give guided tours on the half hour from 6:30-8:30pm. Space is limited on these tours, first come first serve basis. If you do not want to join a tour, you are more than welcome to do a self-guided tour. Cost is $10 per Adult (13+) and $5 per Child.

Also, thank you to The Idaho Historical Society for giving us access to photograph the death hoods that belonged to Troy Powell and Ernest Walrath.


A confiscated shiv.

George and Amber, mid-interview.

Amber Beierle pointing out the location of the gallows at the time Walrath and Powell were executed.

Death Hoods, property of the Idaho Historical Society