Sheila @ Payette Brewing | Boise Photographer

Last week I photographed Sheila at Payette Brewing for a Boise Weekly article (check it out here) on proposed legislation that would lower taxes for breweries and in turn, likely increase production and sales and therefore, wait for it, tax revenue. Magic.

Sheila was awesome. She was even willing to hold a keg over her head at my request. I’d say she looks pretty victorious — let’s hope the bill passes!

Army Navy Surplus (for Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual) | Boise Photographer

Did you know that there is an Army Navy surplus store in Garden City?

(Me neither). But there is — check out their site!

I may not go in for army fatigues or rafting gear, but in October when I’m needing some Halloween costume inspiration…I’ll have to remember how awesome their hat selection is…

36th Street Greenbelt Bridge | Boise Photographer

The greenbelt has been getting some serious improvements. Freshly paved paths, new bridges….especially near where the planned recreation park will be. This bridge helps make the greenbelt more accessible and functional for those in the Garden City/Veteran’s Memorial stretch.

Check out all the details in Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual.

‘Hoods. Boise & Garden City | Boise Editorial Photographer

Pick up a copy of this year’s Annual Manual (Boise Weekly’s guide to…well, everything) and get the facts and features on neighborhoods throughout the Treasure Valley. This week I’m sharing the extra photos from all the ‘hoods. This post…

Boise & Garden City

Bored on Wednesdays? Get your Alive After Five on.


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