The Taphouse | Boise Photographer

Nick and I met for lunch a couple of weeks ago at the Taphouse and ordered a couple of dishes. Since we were on a lunch break we stayed away from the taps (so responsible!). While sitting on the patio getting some quality people watching in, I witnessed one of my most memorable Boise people-watching moments. Around noon a good looking, fit guy (in young twenties?) got off the bus wearing NOTHING but a thong, shoes and a messenger bag. As he strutted down the sidewalk, people tried to sneak cell phone pics of him. It was an amazing moment. As for the food, our review was split.

Thumbs down: the pulled pork sandwich. Just like Josh mentions in his article, it was soggy and fell apart.

Thumbs up: the bacon and pear bruschetta. Fun flavors paired together with nothing being too overpowering. The bread was crisp but not hard, which is always a bruschetta deal breaker for me. I’d order it again.

Josh Gross’ food review on The Taphouse can be read here.

Chilled Pineapple Avocado Soup | Boise Food Photographer

Jenny’s Lunch Line features a pineapple avocado soup on Fridays. The only thing I knew going into this soup is that I DIDN’T know what to expect. But it was delicious and the pumpkin seeds on top were a fun extra flavor and texture. Turns out I’m a fan of chilled soups afterall!

Check out some other chilled soup options around town via Boise Weekly’s article here.

Thanks to Nicole for being my fantastic lunch date and fabulous hand/spoon model!


Chris’ on Broadway | Boise Food Photographer

Last week I was treated to the chicken gouda apple salad over at Chris’ On Broadway. Now, normally this isn’t the kind of salad I would order. Most likely my ranch tooth would take over and steer me away from a dish with apple dressing… Lo and behold, I was impressed with how delicious it was!

Chris used to have a food truck, but recently settled his kitchen down (next door to the Broadway Bar). Here is the Boise Weekly article. Here is a review on yelp.

Looks tasty, huh?!


Best WTFlour | Boise Photographer

Wildflour Bakery gets a Best WTFlour shout out in the Staff Picks of Boise Weekly’s Best of Boise.

Next time you’re wandering through the Boise Co-Op, look for the wooden shelves in the front of the store and you’ll find Mary Cogswell’s┬ádelicious cookies, breads, muffins and cakes galore!

Truffle Chips @ Cafe Vicino | Boise Food Photographer

There are ridiculously, dangerously tasty…

In fact, I’d choose these over french fries any day. Those who know me know my love for french fries and may call this blasphemy.

Check ’em out in Boise Weekly’s “find” for the week. Visit Cafe Vicino to order up a batch for yourself.