Alexander Family | Boise Photojournalist

The extraordinary Alexander family invited me into their home so I could test out a new approach to my family sessions. So grateful for this session.

I arrived shortly after 7 am.

Joyce had pancakes sizzling. Trevor was barefoot. I poured myself a cup of coffee. Or maybe Trevor did. I was too sleepy to notice.

Their kids, Amelia and Crosby, eyed me suspiciously through their sleepy hazy. Who was this crazy lady in their home before breakfast?!

I’m so happy with how these images turned out that they have inspired me to make this my approach in all portrait sessions.

Pajamas not required. Off the cuff, fun, casual, documentary, YES.

2013 is going to be a year of much excitement and a great deal of change.

Read more about it here in my Twenty-Awesome-Thirteen post.

Megan + Jacob + Hayden | Boise Family Photographer

Get ready…

to meet…


Enter Jacob and Megan (recently engaged!)….and let the fun begin!

This little boy is lucky. He is surrounded with so much love.

Speaking of love….why is it that kids love blue snow cones so much?! (Yep, Hayden got a cool treat for being such an awesome sport)

Whoa, too much cuteness in one family… right?!

Jacob and Megan are recently engaged!

This little boy is lucky. He is surrounded with so much love.

And speaking of love….I can’t help but wonder–why do kids love blue snow cones so much?!

Bendawald Family | Boise Family Photographer

Two weekends ago, Amanda (the lovely lady below) & I put together a portrait party where several families in their same circle of friends signed up for quick portrait sessions. (It’s a great way to make sessions more affordable–shoot me an email if you’re interested in getting the details!)

We ended up at The Berry Ranch in Nampa for relaxed, fun Autumn photos. Turns out their pumpkin patch is quite a ways away from the main section of the farm. However, we still got fantastic shots — some fall themed, some not.

Here’s a super quick sneak peak of the Bendawald’s fall family photos. Isn’t the little boot-wearing Haylei incredibly adorable??

Several more families to come…and as I keep posting you just might notice a common theme amongst these families..

Go Boise State!!!