Jason + Erin | Boise Engagement Photographer

These two are awesome. They are incredibly laid back and they braved a frigid, windy December day like champs. (Turns out, we should have waited a few weeks and caught a 50 degree day… Hindsight always has been a jerk…)

High-five to Alexis for tagging along and being a trooper!

Hopefully they don’t kill me for this next observation… but doesn’t Jason look like a young, dashing Tom Hanks?! And doesn’t Erin look like a prettier version of Sookie Stackhouse?!

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in May. It will be lovely.

Chris + Danielle (more!) ♥ Boise Engagement Photographer

Today I thought I’d share a more thorough post of my engagement session with the lovely Danielle and handsome Chris.

We started off at the Essay Building downtown before making our way up to Military Reserve in the foothills.

We caught the blue wildflowers blooming under blue skies. To top it off, we didn’t see any snakes and we happened upon a grazing deer about 20 feet away from us as we trekked back to the cars. If only we had got a shot of them with the deer….ahh…next time…