Bruce Green, Whole Foods | Boise Photographer

Awhile ago I had the pleasure of photographing the Whole Foods Store Team Leader for the Boise branch, Bruce Green. Below are a handful of portraits.

Looking forward to checking out the store when it opens in mid-November. You can check out info on the Boise store here. Oh — and they’re hiring…

All About Games | Boise Photographer

Downtown near the 8th Street escalator you’ll find this little shop — All About Games. Inside is a colorful array of games and puzzles galore. If you’re lucky you’ll get to meet the adorable polo-wearing shop dog.

Here’s a cool little factoid: All About Games does game rental…for CHEAP. So instead of dropping $30 on a game you’ve never played (and then having buyer’s remorse) you can just rent it and try it out for a few bucks. Pretty sweet idea.

Trevor + Joyce | Boise Photographer

These two make my heart all sorts of melty and happy. They’re going on 7 years of marriage and their love for each other still radiates.

Joyce is a super talented photographer (sometimes we even shoot together!) and you can check out her rad work here.

We wandered aimlessly around the blocks near my office (downtown, kinda near St. Luke’s) and enjoyed the lazy, warm summer evening.




The Taphouse | Boise Photographer

Nick and I met for lunch a couple of weeks ago at the Taphouse and ordered a couple of dishes. Since we were on a lunch break we stayed away from the taps (so responsible!). While sitting on the patio getting some quality people watching in, I witnessed one of my most memorable Boise people-watching moments. Around noon a good looking, fit guy (in young twenties?) got off the bus wearing NOTHING but a thong, shoes and a messenger bag. As he strutted down the sidewalk, people tried to sneak cell phone pics of him. It was an amazing moment. As for the food, our review was split.

Thumbs down: the pulled pork sandwich. Just like Josh mentions in his article, it was soggy and fell apart.

Thumbs up: the bacon and pear bruschetta. Fun flavors paired together with nothing being too overpowering. The bread was crisp but not hard, which is always a bruschetta deal breaker for me. I’d order it again.

Josh Gross’ food review on The Taphouse can be read here.