Cat Portraits @ the Boise Cat Clinic | Boise Pet Photographer

“Say what you will about the internet, but it sure has done a lot for cats.” -who knows who (maybe it was 30 Rock?)

Back in May the Boise Cat Clinic and I put together a photoshoot to raise money for Conrad Strays. During their open house, I set up shop in a small room at the Cat Clinic. Armed with a white backdrop, 3 modeling lights, a box of cat toys, and a fantastic cat entertainer (Ambria — a vet tech) I did my best to capture the personalities of these kitties during their 15 minute photo sessions.

If you don’t have a vet for your kitties, Dr. Roller over at the Boise Cat Clinic is fantastic. Trust me.






Wallace + Gromit | Boise Pet Photographer

 We got a kitten a couple of months ago. Then another. Meet Wallace (the grey tabby) and Gromit (the brown tabby). They have the ability to move seamlessly from cuddling to biting to grooming to fighting and back to cuddling again.

To be quite honest these photos really aren’t up to par — they are just quick snaps from a few moments of downtime during my work day. Eventually I will come up with some cute idea for a theme and spend an hour (a real pet session) photographing them for a more legit post. But in case I miss their kitten-y window of cuteness, I just had to do some quick shots now. Meow!