Jackson Kids | Boise Children Photographer

Ever seen a field of mustard seed? It is quite a lovely sight — thick green bushy plants dappled with bright yellow (surprise, surprise) flowers. The only thing more fun than photographing mustard seed plants in gorgeous sunset light is photographing three adorable kids venturing through said mustard seed plants in gorgeous sunset light.

These three kids – Maudelynn, Jantzen and Reagan – were so fun to photograph. They were all happy and curious and moving…constantly. Several of these photographs had me laughing out loud as I was editing them. Especially this first image, where in an attempt to all get their of attentions at the same time I pointed to the sky and exclaimed, “whoa! Do you see what is up there?” Fantastically ridiculous photo.

I think the most fun photos of kids are those that capture the chaos and adventure of childhood. Hopefully these photos do so.

Sneak Peek ♥ Thomas & Colleen | Boise Wedding Photographer

About 3 weeks ago I did a sneak peak of Thomas & Colleen’s wedding — see the earlier post here. Now that I’m nearly done editing their images, I wanted to share some of my favorites.

Its not often that I get to photograph such a small, intimate, chapel wedding and I hope I was able to document their day in the romantic quality that seemed to be in the air.

Thomas & Colleen. Getting Ready ♥ Boise Wedding Photographer

This wedding was simple, sweet & classic — a small ceremony in a small chapel.

Through my lens it seemed utterly intimate and romantic (and quite fun to shoot). Here is a very quick sneak peek of Thomas & Colleen marriage yesterday.

PEO Chapter House | Boise Photographer

A few weekends ago I did some family portraits. It was tough to find an indoor location for 7 grandkids to gather. The PEO Chapter House was nice enough to let us take over their main floor to do some portraits in the warmth of the indoors. Because they didn’t have any photos of their building in the winter/snow, I snapped some shots for them to use on their website as thank you for allowing us to use thier space.

Here’s a quick look at them!