Neckar Coffee (#PourOverPorn)

Instagram is full of #foodporn.

Today I  present a new fetish to you: Pour Over Porn.

Yep. SO much raw, beautiful, pour over coffee you’ll undoubtedly be craving a cup.

These images were shot of the radical dudes of Neckar Coffee (local Boise coffee roasters) at the Saturday Market for an article that ran in the Boise Weekly.

Bier:Thirty (Formerly Known As Brewforia) | Boise Photographer

Best Reason to Bike Your Butt Out to Bown? Bier:Thirty

Chris and Kammie Oates, (the owners, those two blurry folks below) are your beer hook-ups. This brew focused Bown Crossing shop is a “bottle & bistro”…meaning you come shop for your bottles to go or sit down for a beer and bite. The selection is seriously impressive.

See the BW Editor’s Pick here. 

Brewforia Beer Market

Honestly, I’m not sure where these photos ended up being used.

I think I shot them for Boise Weekly’s Best of Boise issue. However, it doesn’t appear that they made it into the issue. Check out their new BOB title anyway: Best International Beer Crawl

Maybe BW ran out of print space. Maybe they’re in an upcoming food review and I’m ruining their debut. (Yes, they have food too!) Oh well, a beer selection this impressive needs to be shown to the world! (or at least to the handful of folks reading my blog)

Brewforia is rad — tons of unique beers to go (or to stay) and several unique taps flowing. This is the kind of place you can read and drink a beer and not look remotely crazy or lonely.

Boise Weekly’s Coldest Beer 2010

‘Tis the season for cold beer and you’ll find the very coldest at the Longhorn Lounge in Kuna. 30.2 degrees.

See all 172 temperatures here.

The handsome lads in the picture below (on the left)? That’s my fella, Nick, and his dad, Larry.

Longhorn Lounge & Gil’s K-9

The Plank & Terrapin Station

Alterknit Lounge (In the Knitting Factory)

Gusto & Visual Arts Collaborative (VAC)

Q’s Billiards & Stubb’s Sports Bar

Crickets & Hooligan’s

O’Michael’s Pub & Grill

The Quarter Barrel