Hildy and Sir Charles | Boise Photographer

Meet Charles. (Aka, Charlie, Char-Char, Char-broil, Charles-In-Charge).

Hildy and Charles are best pals. Hildy and I are best pals. That means, by default, Charles and I are best pals too. Look at him. Who wouldn’t love him?!

In early December Hildy and I (and Charlie) went to Mores Creek Summit to search for our Christmas trees. ¬†Before grabbing a saw I grabbed my camera and we got some fun shots of these two lovin’ it up in the snow. So glad we took the time to take these!

As a side note, we also did find two PERFECTLY imperfect Christmas trees after a long, steep hike. Such a fun afternoon of quiet, snow and sunshine. I hope we can do it again next year with Charlie AND Gus!


Wallace + Gromit | Boise Pet Photographer

 We got a kitten a couple of months ago. Then another. Meet Wallace (the grey tabby) and Gromit (the brown tabby). They have the ability to move seamlessly from cuddling to biting to grooming to fighting and back to cuddling again.

To be quite honest these photos really aren’t up to par — they are just quick snaps from a few moments of downtime during my work day. Eventually I will come up with some cute idea for a theme and spend an hour (a real pet session) photographing them for a more legit post. But in case I miss their kitten-y window of cuteness, I just had to do some quick shots now. Meow!

Happy Easter! | Boise Pet Photographer

A friend of mine, Jenaleigh, had a great idea: bunny photos in honor of Easter. As I am a lover of all things furry, I agreed that this was a swell idea.

So on Tuesday we coerced her bunny, Archie, into a strenuous hour of modeling for the meager reward of a sole carrot.

Without futher ado, let me introduce you to one incredibly adorable bunny…

Happy Easter to everyone!!