Evergreen Sprinkler Supply | Boise Photographer

Well this is strange.

I SWEAR I photographed Evergreen Sprinkler for Boise Weeky’s Best of Boise…buuuuuut I can find no evidence to back up my theory. Might as well post the pics anyway, right? For those of you needing tips on winterizing your sprinklers holler at these guys!

Bier:Thirty (Formerly Known As Brewforia) | Boise Photographer

Best Reason to Bike Your Butt Out to Bown? Bier:Thirty

Chris and Kammie Oates, (the owners, those two blurry folks below) are your beer hook-ups. This brew focused Bown Crossing shop is a “bottle & bistro”…meaning you come shop for your bottles to go or sit down for a beer and bite. The selection is seriously impressive.

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BYRDS | Boise Photographer

Best Reason to Encourage Your Children to Pick Up A Non-School-Sanctioned-Sport? Boise Young Rider Development Squad. (AKA B.Y.R.D.S.)

Biking just may be one of the most practical, long-lasting sports that one can practice. Ride on, BYRDS, ride on.

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