BW’s Coldest Beer in Boise | Boise Photographer

With the weather being incredibly mild up until the 4th of July weekend and with tons of Annual Manual deadlines obscuring my view, this year’s Coldest Beer assignments seemed to jump out of nowhere. I got the assignments Thursday and had them finished Monday morning. Thank goodness there were only 10 bars!

Highlights of these bar hopping assignments:

Got to drink Leinenkugel’s Summy Shandy on draft (it’s brewed with lemonade, people!)

Enjoyed fantastic people watching all around town.

Had time to write my birthday thank-you cards over a beer.

Used my brute strength to open a bar door being held shut by an incredibly drunk man (in broad daylight!)

Check out all the temp’s for Coldest Beer in Boise.

(Below the slideshow is a list of bars..)


In order of appearance:

The Village Pub

Woody’s Pub & Grill


Plan B Lounge

Outpost Cafe (in the airport)

Lane 21 (at Emerald Lanes)

The Fireside Inn

El Gallo Giro (Kuna)


The Boulevard Bar

Bars in BW’s Bar Guide | Boise Photographer

Last Friday’s post had to do with the bartenders that were featured in BW’s Bar Bar Guide. Today’s post is of the rest of the images from the Bar Guide. Naturally, these are shots of local bars. The range of bars that I visited for these photos was quite broad. It is pretty fascinating to bar hop to such a wide variety of places within a few days. Afterwards I felt as though I’d gotten a glimpse of about a dozen different cultures and communities all within the Treasure Valley. From bowlers to business men, from dancers to hipsters chances are there is a bar somewhere for you…

Brewforia Beer Market

Honestly, I’m not sure where these photos ended up being used.

I think I shot them for Boise Weekly’s Best of Boise issue. However, it doesn’t appear that they made it into the issue. Check out their new BOB title anyway: Best International Beer Crawl

Maybe BW ran out of print space. Maybe they’re in an upcoming food review and I’m ruining their debut. (Yes, they have food too!) Oh well, a beer selection this impressive needs to be shown to the world! (or at least to the handful of folks reading my blog)

Brewforia is rad — tons of unique beers to go (or to stay) and several unique taps flowing. This is the kind of place you can read and drink a beer and not look remotely crazy or lonely.

13th Street Pub & Grill

The 13th Street Pub & Grill has opened doors on a prime corner in Hyde Park (where Bungalow used to be).

Nick and I have been there a few times for dinner. Delicious baked Mac & Cheese ($4.95, I believe). Awesome chef salad. Great fish & chips. Plenty of microbeers on tap. Great patio. What more could you ask for?

Rumor even has it that they will be enclosing and heating their patio for the winter.  Ahhh…and only a mere 4 blocks from my house. Lucky me!

Sarah Barber’s review is here and Rachel Daigle’s review is here.