Dave Britton, Artist | Boise Weekly

A couple weeks ago, my almost-sister-in-law and I got to share the duties of an article for the Boise Weekly. Christine Ritchie wrote the piece, A Steampunk Sculptor, and I photographed (of course) the artist and some of his incredible inventory of art and miscellaneous parts.

Christine does a fantastic job explaining Britton’s eccentric creations and imagination. To make sense of all the different artistic pieces you see in the images below, you should definitely read Christine’s article before scanning this blog post. Hopefully this will be the first of many collaborations!

And if you like what you see, go visit Britton’s store in Nampa – Rusty Retro Antiques and Collectibles.

Clayton Borah. Designer & Photographer | Boise Portrait Photographer

When my clients shift awkwardly in front of my camera and nervously assure me that they are NOT photogenic and do NOT like being photographed I assure them that they are preaching to the choir.

For several years I have needed a portrait for my website to replace my utterly riduculous self-portrait from my first year at photo school. For a laugh, check it out here: http://www.lauriepearman.com/meet-laurie.html

Earlier this month a few local photographers and myself submitted work for a cover contest assignment for Idaho Business Review’s Travelog. When I found out that my image was chosen (yay!) they requested a portrait of me in case they had room to run it in. And, there I was…..a photographer without a headshot. Go figure.

When I threw out a random “any local photographers want to trade and take portraits of each other?” request I crossed my fingers that someone from the twitter or facebook world would respond. Low and behold, Clayton Borah (whom I have only met one other time in person) jumped at the opportunity and we hit downtown Meridian’s streets the next day.

Below are the images I took of him. I’ll be updating the portraits of myself on my blog & site soon with the photos he took of me.

Check out Clayton’s Photo Website and Design Website.

Modern Art! | Boise Photojournalist

Get on down to the Modern Hotel this Thursday for their extraordinary 4th Annual Modern Art. Please… go, go go!

I’ve gone the last two years; it is certainly worth checking out. On the first Thursday of May the Modern is at full vacancy & instead of tired travelers, artists take over the hotel to show their work — whatever that may be. You, the First-Thursday-going-Cinco-De-Mayo-celebrating-folk that you are, can grab a PBR or a fancy drink or a non-alcoholic beverage (of course), as you wander in & out of all the Modern’s rooms checking out exhibits & artists & people watching like crazy. Trust me, the people watching is amazing.

Below are photos that I took in 2010 for Boise Weekly.

Read Boise Weekly’s Tara Morgan’s article, “Checking in to the Fourth Annual Modern Art” for more info on this year’s event.






AIR: Artists in Residence | Boise Photojournalist

On your way to your next round of buy-one-get-one margaritas at Cafe Ole in 8th Street Marketplace, take a few moments to stop off and visit Marcus Pierce & Cody Rutter as they share the AIR (Artist In Residence) space near the North side entrance.

Read Amy Pence-Brown’s BW article, “Floating on AIR” for the full details of how the AIR program works and how to get involved or support the movement!