Union Studio Metals | Boise Product Photographer

Well, ladies and gents, today I have the pleasure of sharing with you some gorgeous jewelry.

Margarett Ritter + Michelle Keller = Union Studio Metals

Not only are these ladies ridiculously funny (they ALWAYS have a good story…) but they are incredibly artistic. They have an eye for beautiful stones and a knack for creating unique pieces. Currently they are featuring their “Kelly” line in honor of a friend who passed away earlier this week of breast cancer. The Kelly line isn’t included in the photos below, but you can learn more about it here. (Notice how the bronze bends and twists to create a ribbon…)

Union Studio Metals is on Etsy (and killin’ it!): check out the goods here

Their pieces are featured in the Boise Co-Op and the Flying M gift shop if you’d rather see it in person.


Food. CSA – Peaceful Belly | Boise Photographer

What the heck is a CSA anyway? I’ve heard people talking about joining them and picking up food…but until this assignment I was mostly clueless. A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Essentially, joining a CSA means that you prepay to get weekly groceries from a local farm. Your financial commitment helps them. Their weekly array of delicious veggies helps you. Buying local helps your community. They seem to be growing in popularity amongst my friends and after doing these photos I’ll be looking into options for next year…

To get the right double-spread photo for the CSA story, “Growing Community,” in Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual was a bit of a struggle.

First I showed up at Defoggi’s house in the Northend. This is one of several pick-up spots in Boise. On Wednesdays around 4 members start to wander up Defoggi’s sidewalk and onto the porch. They fill their bags up with the seasonal veggies (for example, each membered is allowed 1 bunch of radishes and 1 head of lettuce…its not like an all you can grab buffet) and are on their way until the next week. Unfortunately, from a photo aspect, this wasn’t a very photogenic pick-up because the card boxes are a bit drab and the veggies were nearly gone for the day.

So the next week I went to the Hidden Springs pick-up at their community barn. I was confidant this would be perfect. Green grass…a picturesque barn…people strolling through getting their veggies… just perfect. Not so. Turns out this is a small enough pick-up that the boxes are pre-packaged with names taped to the sides of the boxes. So, these customers simply come grab their box and are on their way. I snapped some shots of folks getting their goods….but it just wasn’t quite right for a double-spread.

Finally, I was off to the heart of this CSA — Peaceful Belly Farm. I can’t really do justice to describing the feel of this farm. Hopefully the photos will do it some justice to the sense of community and care that seemed to hang in the air.

Food. The Chocolat Bar | Boise Photographer

Walk into The Chocolat Bar on Bannock in downtown Boise and you’ll be immersed with sweet, chocolaty smells.

Check out page  26 of Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual for more info on the places in town that create food from scratch.