A Natural Home | Boise Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I posted some photos of a home that I deemed (keep in mind I have no qualifications to be allowed to deem it anything at all) to be “whimsical.” On that note, I suppose I would call this home natural + modern.

I love how open this home feels — very airy, but still cozy. I also love the outlet on the floor next to the couch. Brilliant!

This beautiful home was designed and built by Seidl Home Company.

A Whimsical Home | Boise Photographer

Sarah Seidl of Seidl Home Company contacted me to take photographs of several homes they have built in Hidden Springs. I don’t typically do architectural photography, so taking these interior and exterior images was a fun challenge for me.

I’ll share more of the images of the other beautiful homes soon. This residence is just so cheery and bright that I had to share it first!


PEO Chapter House | Boise Photographer

A few weekends ago I did some family portraits. It was tough to find an indoor location for 7 grandkids to gather. The PEO Chapter House was nice enough to let us take over their main floor to do some portraits in the warmth of the indoors. Because they didn’t have any photos of their building in the winter/snow, I snapped some shots for them to use on their website as thank you for allowing us to use thier space.

Here’s a quick look at them!

Syringa Bank | for Idaho Business Review

Recently I began freelancing for Idaho Business Review. I have a bit of catch-up to do on blog posts…but this is the first assignment I shot for them back in October.

Last night was their holiday party and I was able to meet a handful of IBR’s graphic designers/staff, as well as other creative people in the community. At the risk of sounding contrived, I really do (really!) find it exciting to be building relationships with people who are so focused on local business, culture and news. I’ve grown to appreciate Boise in so many ways and have next to no complaints with this area. (Well, no serious complaints at least!) Though I’m open to moving just about anywhere, I want to integrate myself as much as possible into what Boise has to offer while I am here.

As a sidenote, IBR recently purchased PV Quinn, which does a lot of Boise’s tourism guides and materials. Hopefully I will get a chance to contribute to upcoming projects of all sorts…