Suzi Boyle | Boise Portrait Photographer

In early June I met with Suzi Boyle in her beautiful backyard. With nothing but the greenbelt separating us from the Boise River it was a very beautiful setting. Aside from the beach, I can’t think of a much more relaxing spot to kick back with a book and a cocktail on a summer evening.

Suzi was being interviewed by Gaye Bunderson regarding a sudden medical issue that interrupted her impressive career as a mortgage professional and how she is recovering both career and healthwise. If you go to Suzi’s website you’ll see that she was honored as one of the top 200 mortgage originators in the United States by Mortgage Originator Magazine. Pretty impressive. Especially when considering that to qualify for this award she had to consistently close $50 million inĀ mortgagesĀ per year… wow.

Read Gaye’s Idaho Business Review article here.


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