Thomas Paul | for Boise Weekly

Meet Thomas Paul. He’s an ambitious, yet easy going local musician. Later this month he and his fellow musicians will have a new album out — Goodbye, Waterloo.┬áRead Amy Atkins full cd review here.

For these shots I decided it was time to head over to the ol’ Simplot Hill. The wide open space and the snowy foothills off in the distance seemed perfect. However, I didn’t really think about how miserable it could be weather-wise. My version of hell isn’t sweltering hot….its a freezing, windy, miserably cold place. The top of Simplot Hill sort of resembled that — don’t be fooled by the sun! By the time we stumbled our way (actually, I think I was the only one stumbling) back down the hill I don’t think either of us could move of our fingers. So, all things considered, these turned out pretty swell! However, I’ll be back in the summer to experiment with this location a bit more leisurely…

Check out Thomas’ CD Release party at the VAC on January 15th.

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