Modern Boudoir ♥ Boise Boudoir Photographer

These boudoir photos are from last fall, but I wanted to post them anyway. Carmen looks amazing & these images of her definitely deserve to be featured in a post!

These photos were also taken at Boise Guest House (Suite 6). If you missed last week’s boudoir photos from Suite 4 at the BGH, check out the pin-up photos here! Hildy Lohse did hair & make-up for yet another rockin’ shoot.


5 thoughts on “Modern Boudoir ♥ Boise Boudoir Photographer

  1. oh my goodness! It’s official Laurie my friend you are an AMAZING photographer! And Carmen my dear old friend you are a stunning bombshell! So In 2012 is my wedding reception. If you are still in the Boise area I would love to have you do the photography Laurie! And Carmen if you are around you should just come show your pretty face!

  2. Thank you Stacy! Carmen looks fantastic, right?! I would love to do your reception photos next year — I don’t plan on leaving Boise anytime soon. I’m starting to book some stuff next summer, so let me know if you have a date so I can pencil you in and give you first choice! If you want to grab coffee or beer and chat sometime, let me know!

  3. For sure! Tentatively the date would be September 22, 2012. I would love to meet up and go over some things when Im in town end of July. When it gets closer to my trip, I’ll message you on facebook.

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