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Ladies & Gentlemen — I have brewed my first batch of home brew! Until we take our first sips in a week or two I will be bracing myself for total failure. Regardless of the outcome,┬ámy life feels more complete. (one less thing on the bucket list!!)

If you like microbrews, you should definitely try home brewing. It is neat to see the process and understand what you’re drinking that much more. Plus, you have this amazing reward when you’re finished… that’s right folks–BEER!

I took my camera so that we could get some snapshots of the brewing process of Idaho Brewing Association to post on the fb page. (Follow them here!) IBA is open to everyone from seasoned brewers to total novices (like Hildy & myself). They have brewing get togethers every month or so. You can drop in to brew or watch or drink or all of the above.

Thanks so much to Kelly Hagans for all his know-how and tutelage. Thanks to Dave Morrison for letting us borrow some of your brewing equipment

Cheers to everyone on this fine Thursday! Especially to Christine (Nick’s sister) who is celebrating her 21st birthday today!


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