Sheila @ Payette Brewing | Boise Photographer

Last week I photographed Sheila at Payette Brewing for a Boise Weekly article (check it out here) on proposed legislation that would lower taxes for breweries and in turn, likely increase production and sales and therefore, wait for it, tax revenue. Magic.

Sheila was awesome. She was even willing to hold a keg over her head at my request. I’d say she looks pretty victorious — let’s hope the bill passes!

Framed pet pictures!

I ALWAYS love to see how clients display and share their photos.

Dru sent me this shot of her framed pet portraits from several months ago — so cute!

Claire is the adorable and happy pug. Fred is the handsome tuxedo cat with (of course) the bow tie on.

If you have have photos I’ve taken displayed in your home, please email ( or text me (208-860-9035) a quick photo. I’d love to see and share them!

Richard + Amy’s Wedding Album | Boise Wedding Photographer

I recently designed and ordered Amy and Richard’s wedding album. Here are some shots of how it turned out. Quite beautiful and classic I’d say! Thanks to KISS books for a gorgeous album!