Fancy Pants (for Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual) | Boise Photographer

Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual hit the stands last week. If you haven’t grabbed a copy, you should. It’s a wealth of info on the valley…aaaaand its free.

I’m going to start to post extra photos from the assignments that ran within Annual Manual’s pages…. Why not start with the shopping category? I know I’d rather be shopping than sitting at my desk…

Let’s start with Fancy Pants (in downtown Boise).

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Danni Gilbert | Boise Photojournalist

Last week’s Boise Weekly ran an infuriating and heartbreaking story.

Below are a series of images of Danni, who was nothing short of gracious, at St. Lukes in Boise. Her acupuncturist, Paige, was very accommodating and let me observe and photograph during the start of their appointment.

As I walked the 4 blocks back to my office, tears welled in my eyes as I was mixed with equal parts of frustration and sadness. Frustration because of a healthcare system that has a focus on profit (instead of health?) and of sadness because life is unpredictable and so very fleeting.

George Prentice does a superb job explaining Danni’s plight with cancer and Blue Cross, so I won’t even try to summarize. Just go and read it here.

Baby Stella | Boise Family Photographer

When I do blog posts of photo sessions with friends, I often have a hard time writing the intro. I think it is because I want to do justice to who I know them to be without getting too personal or rambling for too long.

So I will say this: Sean and Hannah are a great couple and great friends to have. When I heard Hannah was pregnant, I knew they would be nothing shy of great parents. When Stella was born two months early, I knew they were a couple that could handle the pressures of a premature baby much better than most.

We took Stella’s photos about a week after her due date — which actually put her at just over 2 months old. I must admit that I was blown away by Hannah’s honesty about parenting (the ups AND the downs) and by her focus on what was going on in my life (not much by comparison!), all the while keeping a watchful eye on her new tiny daughter. I can see that I’ll be taking parenting notes from her and Sean for years to come.

Congrats to Sean and Hannah and Herrley (the handsome dog at the end of the post) on the addition of lovely Stella to their family!