Wagner’s Mustard | Boise Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing Bob and Cari Wagner for a story about their homemade mustard that they’ve begun to bottle and sell. First, let me say that they are super nice people. Second, they make really REALLY good mustards: Smoky-Hot, Old Fashioned Idaho and Dill.

When they asked if I wanted to taste the 3 kinds of mustard, I had to reign in my excitement. Mustard is one of those foods I used to hate, but now love. I just checked my fridge and I have four types of mustard at the moment. Once I have room in my condiment shelf, I’m heading to the Co-op for Wagner’s because they truly have some of the best mustards I’ve ever had. Yum!

Anne Henderson’s article, The Mustard Man, can be read on Boise Weekly’s site — click here.

Learn more about Wagner Idaho Foods here.

SOS Orphanage in Panama | Travel Photography

I just returned from a fantastic trip to Panama to help my friends, Christian and Chelsea, celebrate their wedding on the beach.

Also, I took the photos, I drank a pina colada (seriously, just one the whole trip!), I ate ceviche every chance I got, I was nervous about seeing snakes (didn’t see ANY!), I hiked up a jungle to zip-line, I watched a ship pass through the Panama Canal. You know, the usual Panama adventures.

Of all the things we did for the wedding week in Panama, the photos in this post are from one of the highlights.

Let me explain…

Christian and Chelsea are going to be a tough bride and groom act to follow on the generosity meter. They ditched the conventional wedding registry and elected to do something much more meaningful.

The groom’s parents retired in Panama 5 years ago and have been sponsoring a house (about 10 children) at an SOS Orphanage. After visiting the orphanage around Christmas, they decided that in place of wedding gifts they would ask their guests to donate to money to the house in hopes of making much needed repairs to the kitchen and bathroom.

As for the 30 or so friends and family members who attended the destination wedding, they arranged a trip to the orphanage so everyone could deliver gifts, food and necessities straight to the children. Not only did the children get much needed supplies and toys, but WE all got the opportunity to look outside of our lives.

To include the kids from the other houses at the orphanage Christian and Chelsea had the foresight to bring a couple of pinatas for the ALL the kids to take a crack at. Talk about a couple with a good hearts…

I think Chelsea pretty much summed it up as we were loading into the bus to leave when she said, “Wasn’t that way better than a toaster?!”



Baby Mia and Family | Boise Family Photographer

I smiled so much while editing these photos.

Mia’s smile is contagious and her expressions are just plain adorable (not to mention funny). Older brother, Kellen, is equally expressive and charming.

This is exactly why I love ‘lifestyle’ portraits…

Kids feel relaxed in their own home, changes of clothes are easy, snacks are close by, favorite toys can be incorporated, mom & dad can wander in and out of the frames. The photo studio in JC Penny or Walmart just isn’t going to find faces this happy or this natural!

NYC via Instagram Snapshots | Boise Photographer

Here’s a fun post for the weekend…random Instagram snapshots!

Nick and I just got back from New York City for my cousin’s wedding in West Village. We stayed with a friend (shout out to Will for being an awesome host) in Little Italy and got to experience the real NYC apartment (my 900 sq ft home has never seemed so large). Will took us to a couple of tucked away, unmarked bars where I had an amazing cocktail which I will surely be unsuccessfully trying to duplicate for the rest of my life. Too bad I forgot what it was called…(that’s how you know it was a good cocktail though!)

Then we stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights in Chelsea. This was fantastic because I forgot to pack a hair dryer and was in desperate need of one. Plus we ended up staying in a hotel that was surrounded by florists and nurseries. So in the morning the sidewalks would be lined with beautiful potted shrubs, trees and flowers galore…such a contrast from the bare sidewalks when the shops closed.

We also got to see our long lost friends, Lumi & Gerard, who now have a little girl with the biggest blue eyes I’ve ever seen. They took us to their place in Englewood, NJ and accompanied on some touristy stuff that they have never gotten around to doing (ferrying around the Statue of Liberty and seeing Ellis Island).


Senator LaFavour | Boise Photographer

Senator Nicole LaFavour stepped out of the legislative session and spent about 10 minutes taking quick photos with me. We moved pretty quickly to a couple different areas and snapped a few quick photos at each.

The  Idaho State Capitol is a beautiful building, but can be tricky when trying to avoid meandering people in the background and yellow-ish marble (esp on an overcast day). Hopefully these photos did Sen LaFavour and our capitol building justice.

Read the Boise Weekly article “Under-dogged: A Look at Idaho Dems” by Taylor Newbold.