South Boise Women’s Correctional Center | Boise Photojournalist

Many of you who know me likely know that I wanted, want, and will eventually find a way to be a photojournalist. Once I have honed my photojournalistic skills and have created a fluffy, comfy financial cushion for my potentially broke ass to land upon, I will jetset off to give my original photography inspiration a chance. I have no clue what that will involve yet, but I presume the path will eventually present itself. Alternatively, I’m accepting cash donations and brilliant ideas.

When Boise Weekly contacted me about going to a Women’s Correctional Institute to photograph female inmates for a feature story, I could not type “yes!” fast enough. Seriously, check out this correspondance:

I did not want to miss my ‘asap’ window to rsvp for this unique opportunity, so I hit the send button as quickly as I possibly could.

A few days later I was off to the correctional facility with journalist, Carissa Wolf, and videographer, Josh Gross. Having an opportunity to document this was reinvigorating for my photographic senses. I have a long way to go before I’ll be selling my photo essays to Time Magazine, so please, don’t hold your breath! However, with more opportunities like this and continued persistance –as any self-employed artist will tell you, we possess a shit load of persistance (along with shamelessness and naivety) — my dream career as a photojournalist gets closer to reality.

Cheers to Carissa Wolf for digging up this story (READ IT!!). Cheers for Leila for asking me to document it. Cheers to the correctional facility for giving us access.


Chris’ on Broadway | Boise Food Photographer

Last week I was treated to the chicken gouda apple salad over at Chris’ On Broadway. Now, normally this isn’t the kind of salad I would order. Most likely my ranch tooth would take over and steer me away from a dish with apple dressing… Lo and behold, I was impressed with how delicious it was!

Chris used to have a food truck, but recently settled his kitchen down (next door to the Broadway Bar). Here is the Boise Weekly article. Here is a review on yelp.

Looks tasty, huh?!


Jason + Erin | Boise Engagement Photographer

These two are awesome. They are incredibly laid back and they braved a frigid, windy December day like champs. (Turns out, we should have waited a few weeks and caught a 50 degree day… Hindsight always has been a jerk…)

High-five to Alexis for tagging along and being a trooper!

Hopefully they don’t kill me for this next observation… but doesn’t Jason look like a young, dashing Tom Hanks?! And doesn’t Erin look like a prettier version of Sookie Stackhouse?!

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in May. It will be lovely.

North Shore Hot Dog Co. | Boise Food Photographer

I was starting to ramble about how fun the menu looks and how I want to try a veggie dog and the lemonade and all the homemade sauces… But I’ll just let you check out this impressive hot dog menu for yourself.

And they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks….

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

Check ’em out here (on facebook). Check out the Boise Weekly article here.