Coombs Family | Boise Family Photographer

Andy and Erin were the Mr. & Mrs. with the infamous lightning wedding photo….

Back in May, Andy and Erin were expecting a little boy….

Now they are a family of 3!

Meet their adorable son, Oakley.


Happy, Busy, Neurotic Boise Photographer

Oh my. Ten days since a post?

I’ve felt guilty about not posting…like, lie awake in bed and toss and turn til’ 2 am anxiety. In the light of day, blogging lies at the impenetrable bottom of my to-do list.

Work and life have been go. Go. GO. Mostly it has been great.

About a week ago one my external hard drives crashed. Not so great.

Thankfully, all the work had gotten to my clients and was simply archival. However, I had MUCH to post and to back-up. Currently I’m working at a snail’s pace with Western Digital in an attempt to get this hard drive going again…but…I’m losing hope (and likely 500 gigabytes of my 2011). Ahhhh, but before I start to worry about it to much, let’s move on. Quick PSAs first:

If you’re waiting to see images that were taken for an editorial shoot, please email me at so I can work directly with you.

If you’re a photographer that’s too busy to back-up completed work, DON’T BE TOO BUSY FOR TO BACK UP. Simple as that.

On a lighter note, I love this time of year. 2011 hasn’t been the best of years, but I’m still a sucker for fall.

  • It is a my first lawn with leaves to rake, pumpkin lattes and encroaching dark.
  • It is Halloween parties, cooking with squash and BSU football.
  • It is the excitement of my dad (hopefully) enjoying a full Thanksgiving meal.
  • It is the happiness of being a part of the delivery of my “nephew”.

I’ve been editing like nuts and wrapping up tons of sessions (which I will soon share on I’ve been busy, busy, busy but have also been loving life more than ever before.

Recently I came across this satisfying post on ISPWP.

I’ll let the photographer perception vs reality pie charts take it from here…

The Perception

The Reality

Reverend Bill Roscoe | Boise Photographer

Reverend Bill Roscoe and I met on a chilly morning and snapped some portraits both outsider and inside the Boise Rescue Mission on River Street.

Bill is a charismatic guy who everyone at the Rescue Shelter greeted by name. Even more impressively, he returned the greetings to everyone also by name.

Read the full article about voting within the homeless population by Talyn Brumley here.