Jo’s Sunshine Lounge | Boise Photographer

What a gem!

I don’t even want to tell you about this place for fear people actually read my blog and might go take over the bar stools at Jo’s Sunshine Lounge.

It’s attached to a Rodeway Inn and doesn’t look like much at all from the outside. Inside it is like a wooden time capsule from the 70’s. They have live music, free popcorn, cheap drinks, awesome bartenders.

Get this…buried under the wooden dance floor lies a plexiglass dance floor … you know, the kind with the squares that light up in different colors… awesome.

Ustick Library | Boise Photographer

Libraries often make me think of a dark, dreary place.

In fact, my first college had a library with windows similar to that of a prison.

The effect on morale was quite depressing.

That said, this is the anti-library. Windows! Light! Computers! Kid’s rooms! Hooray!

Check out the Annual Manual online here.

Indoor Soccer | Boise Photographer

I grew up playing soccer, but just played on an indoor soccer for the first time last year.


Either I’m much more out of shape than I was in high school or indoor soccer is way more exhausting.

Despite my physical ailments, I am hoping to be on another team for the next season of playing…so if you’re interested in being on co-ed team let me know!

For more info on indoor soccer leagues check out Let’s Play Soccer

Pierce Park Greens | Boise Photographer

Who knew there was a golf course tucked into this neighborhood? I definitely didn’t. Until I pulled into the parking lot and saw the driving range, I had it in my mind that I was heading to a park.

So this young lad with the impressive swing was teeing off on the first hole of his first 9 hole round. EVER. He started off with a killer drive.