Culture. Idaho Black History Museum | Boise Photographer

Ever been to the Idaho Black History Museum? It is just east of the Idaho Historical Museum. It is quite obvious that they are working on a low budget…so drop by, check it out and make a small donation. It would be fantastic to see such a cool building transition into a legitimate museum — one that is long overdue.

Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual has tons more info on cultural awesomeness around Boise. Grab a copy — they’re still on stands!

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Shop. Sarah, Couponer | Boise Photographer

Ack! I’m so behind on blogging. I have assignments piling up around me just waiting to be posted.

That said, I’ll make this one short and sweet.

Quite simply, Sarah is a very thrifty mom. She is a coupon extraordinare in the Treasure Valley. Her blog has a HUGE following and she saves enough on groceries and purchases for her family that she was was able to quit her job. That’s kind of amazing. You should check out her blog to see how she does it and get access to tons of coupons.

Read more about her in Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual.

Visit Sarah’s blog: A Thrifty Mom

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Gipson Family | Boise Family Photographer

This family was super fun to photograph. They were totally laid back and wanting to do just about anything. Well, I suppose the ideas we were coming up with weren’t always unanimous amongst the 4 of them…but hey, majority rules, right?!

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Shop. R Grey Gallery | Boise Photographer

R Grey Gallery is a fun spot to shop in BoDo for jewelry, art and other neat stuff. Definitely a good shop to take out-of-towners to or to grab gifts.

Grab a copy of Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual for more info on the shopping scene.

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Shop. Trip Taylor | Boise Photographer

 Awhile back, Nick and I started buying used books from Trip Taylor as gifts. We like to look for books with really cool artwork or odd notes written in the covers. If you haven’t been in you should definitely make it a priority. It is small yet vast and organized yet cluttered… a very fun place to browse aimlessly.

Check out the Boise Weekly for more notes on local shopping.
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