Chris + Danielle ♥ Boise Engagement Photographer

This is such a gorgeous time of year to be outside photographing. The light is beautiful. Temperatures are mild. Everything is green & flowering. We need this more the 3 months a year! For these shots we headed to the Assay Office (built in 1871) downtown. Then we were off to Military Reserve to catch the wildflowers in bloom.

Danielle and Chris are an incredibly easy to be around couple — especially with Danielle’s contagious laugh. Their October wedding out at the Barn at Hidden Springs will be a celebration full of character & style. I’m very excited to get to photograph it for them!

Here’s a quick sneak peek from their shoot….many more to come!


Clayton Borah. Designer & Photographer | Boise Portrait Photographer

When my clients shift awkwardly in front of my camera and nervously assure me that they are NOT photogenic and do NOT like being photographed I assure them that they are preaching to the choir.

For several years I have needed a portrait for my website to replace my utterly riduculous self-portrait from my first year at photo school. For a laugh, check it out here:

Earlier this month a few local photographers and myself submitted work for a cover contest assignment for Idaho Business Review’s Travelog. When I found out that my image was chosen (yay!) they requested a portrait of me in case they had room to run it in. And, there I was…..a photographer without a headshot. Go figure.

When I threw out a random “any local photographers want to trade and take portraits of each other?” request I crossed my fingers that someone from the twitter or facebook world would respond. Low and behold, Clayton Borah (whom I have only met one other time in person) jumped at the opportunity and we hit downtown Meridian’s streets the next day.

Below are the images I took of him. I’ll be updating the portraits of myself on my blog & site soon with the photos he took of me.

Check out Clayton’s Photo Website and Design Website.

Local Invitation Designer | Boise Wedding Photographer

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting Bonnie Olswanger — the talented graphic designer behind Go Lucky Invitations (a local wedding invitation design company).

A few months ago I came to her with a request for logo help. Bonnie was SUPER quick with all the communication on the project, as well as on the actual design work. In case you haven’t seen my other site with my other logo (the one she designed) check it out here. I LOVE it. It was the perfect match to the one you see above on this site.

For all you brides out there, I’ve seen her invite work up close & personal–the papers are gorgeous, the inks are crisp and the design is always eye-catching. I’d highly recommend Go Lucky for any graphic or invite design work! Scroll down for one of my favorite samples from her portfolio….


I absolutely love this invitation suite… Vegetarians, my apologies if I sound insensitive, but the little illustrations of the meat options are cute. Just so perfectly cute!



I’m back from my haitus! | Boise Freelancer Photographer

Are you there readers? It’s me, Laurie.

39 days since my last blog post. I’m a bit ashamed. The good news is that my lack of blogging affects me more than my readers….but just to catch everyone up to speed, I’ll give you my excuses and alibi’s.

Before you begin reading you should consider having The Story by Brandi Carlile as your background music. I don’t like blasting music at people, so play it or don’t. (It’s a fantastic song and Brandi has a gorgeous voice so you won’t regret it!!)

Watch the full episode. See more Austin City Limits.

I turned 26 and felt quite loved. I have to share some of my birthday gifts…cause they’re just too fun not to.

My mom wove (that’s right. on her loom) this gorgeous scarf for me. The colors look pretty fantastic with my hair and I can’t wait to rock it in the fall!


Hildy treated me to way too many gifts….including the rad bike necklace below & a ticket to the Brandi Carlile show at the Botanical Gardens last week. Notice how I conveniently chose a Brandi Carlil song as the anthem of this blog post. Hopefully you’re enjoying it right now…

Christine treated me to the cutest camera ring EVER. And not only is it SO me, but she purchased it from one of my Seattle favorites — Laura Bee Designs.

Laura found this delicious LIVE FRUIT CELL moisturizer at the Boise Co-Op. It’s like nothing I’ve ever used or smelled. Just all around heavenly.

Hildy also equipped me with some new hand towels for the new kitchen… absorbency is key, my fellow dishwashers.


And speaking of new kitchen for those new towels…Nick & I bought a house! It was built in 1935 and what you see is what you get. It’s only about 1000 sq feet. 2 bdrms + 1 bath.

We got the keys on my birthday and spent the Memorial Day weekend moving in. Happy Birthday to me!

undefinedOur address is 4 Randall Street. Does it get any cuter than that?!


We have this super tall tree in our front yard and I love it. It makes me feel grounded here…and gives the place an established feel.



Things purchased: Fridge. Washer. Dryer. Patio Furniture. Kitchen Table + Chairs. Mattress. Rug. Hose. Hedge Trimmers. Shower Curtain. An Axe. Light fixtures. Dishwasher soap (YES. I have a dishwasher again!)

Things lost: Our savings. The ability to make fun of those who spend their weekends at Home Depot and Bed, Bath & Beyond (if they have time).

Charitable Efforts: Economy Stimulation. An upcoming House Warming party. Want to come? Shoot me an email and I’ll give you the skinny. The more the merrier!


I planted my first vegetable garden. Thanks to my mom – the master gardener – who supervised. She brought me this oregano, which was already thriving. I also transitioned an overgrown planter into an herb garden on a Sunday afternoon.


Below is dill.


And here is one of my jalapeno plants!


Then we agreed that the time had come for us to make a little addition to our family…

Meet Wallace. More commonly called Wally, but also referred to as “Wallster”, “Wally-Boy” or “the Wall face.” He answers to nearly none so just take your pick. My favorite song to sing to Wally (everyone sings to their pets, right?) is a rendition of Tom Jones’ What’s New Pussy Cat. Of course, he gets the customized version — “What’s new Wally cat? Woooah-aaa-O-aaa-O”. I haven’t had time to take photos of him with my real camera yet. Just cell phone pics and computer pics so far. There will definitely be kitten photos in the future.


I haven’t just been playing Suzy Homemaker though.

So far I’ve photographed 41 photo assignments for Boise Weekly’s Annual Manual (ie a Guide to Boise) and the check-list goes on…

I’ve photographed a high school senior (without making them look like senior portraits), a surprise proposal, a 5 year old birthday girl, a newborn, an animal chiropractor, a happy & teary soldier’s homecoming, a fellow photographer (see below…more of Clayton to come soon), a trio of kids adventuring in a mustard seed field… and then some other stuff…. whew.


In fact, I’ve been so busy with photo work, that I decided to quite my part time day job. (I was told it was best to cut off your consistent income right smack dab between your 1st and 2nd mortgage payments. True?) Today is my first day working from home as a full-time freelance photographer. Today it was 90 degrees and I called my patio my office. Um, awesome.


So the moral to this story is that I have 30 more hours in my week to work on editing, blogging and shooting and I am thrilled!!

If you want to collaborate on a project, please holler.

If you like my work, please, please share my blog and site with your friends and colleagues.

If we haven’t met, give me a call! Let’s grab coffee or a beer.


Robbie + Gina ♥ Boise Engagement Photographer

About 2 weeks ago Robbie & Gina got engaged. See the proposal here.

Okay, onto the new stuff.

For an hour or so we soaked up sunny rays and got dirt on our feet out near the Snake River in Wilder. These are the images from the rest of the shoot.

Last but not least: These two are a rad couple, but I’ll let the photos do the talking…