Stacia’s Senior Portraits I Boise Lifestyle Photographer

Stacia finished her last final hours before we took these photos. She is truley an example of senior portraits. Not senior portraits the summer before starting your senior year, but instead at the most exciting time of senior year — when classes and finals are done, but prom, graduation and total freedom still await.

There’s no denying that if I could do those months over again I would have taken a drastically different path right out of high school. But, regret-schmet. Life is good.

However I couldn’t help notice that Stacia seems much more confidant that I remember being. Much more driven and decisive, yet still free-spirited. I recall being much more…lame.

I hope her personality comes through in these images. ‘Cause although I don’t know many high school seniors, I don’t think there are many willing to smash TVs, lounge on decaying, blood-spotted (YES, blood…) loveseats in their prom dress and straddle on the bird poop spattered seat of a motorcycle in a crumbling building for the sake of unique not-so-senior-like senior portraits.

This girl’s gonna go places.

Enjoy! And, leave her some blog love, as they say…

April + Gus @ the Airport ♥ Boise Wedding Photographer

So the lovely couple from from Tuesday’s post (missed it? check it here) had a small ceremony in CW Moore Park in downtown Boise on a Thursday afternoon. They followed it up with an intimate Italian dinner at Asiago’s on the other side of downtown.

Keeping things small meant they could splurge on something else…. that’s right folks… the honeymoon!!

Bright & early the next morning they hit the airport for an adventure. April & Gus are currently travelling in Italy for 3 weeks. I can only imagine that it must be an incredibly romantic & idyllic honeymoon. I was excited to photograph them at the airport before they left. Far in advance we did some research on what it would take to have me get to the gate with them. But, airport security proved to be rather tricky & we didn’t feel like jumping through all the hoops that the airport & airlines pointed us to. So instead, we opted to work with the area that was open for all airport patrons. I’d say we got some pretty cute photos of these two on their first morning as Mr. & Mrs. Giacalone.


Artwork of Karen Woods | Boise Photographer

Karen Woods is a local artist that I mentioned back in April. Here’s a tidbit from that post:

Karen’s artistic process is very neat. She takes photos of scenes through water-spotted windows (typically from rain, sometimes an occasional sprinkler), develops them and stows them away in boxes. Then she’ll sort through the snapshots until she finds one that strikes her and she will begin to paint the scene in the photo. The end result is gorgeous.  I have always loved rainy days, so looking through work gives me that nostalgic, fuzzy feeling. CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE AND AMAZING WORK HERE.

Recently she called me in need of having some of her artwork photographed. I thought I’d share with you 5 of her pieces.