Fitting Rooms (at Piece Unique) | Boise Photojournalist

Fitting rooms are terrible. Lucky for us, Piece Unique, in downtown Boise has a different approach. Theirs are spacious, bright and have large mirrors, chalkboards, magazines, bulletin boards with fashion advice. Pretty great changing spaces if you ask me!

NOW, if only stores would stop hanging the XS and S clothes higher than the L, XL clothes. I mean, I realize that a size small isn’t necessarily an indicator of one’s height…but…it seems illogical to put the smallest clothes up the highest, right?! Sales sections drive me nuts for this very reason…

Idaho Business Review’s Jennifer Gonzales article “With clothes shopping, the feel of the fitting room can play a big role” can be read on their website here if you have a membership

Puerto Vallarta | Boise Photographer

Earlier I jumped on my blog and did a quick search for “Mexico” hoping to take a quick look at some of the photos I took last September in Puerto Vallarta. No search results were found.

Much to my surprise, it turns out that I never posted any of the photos from my Mexico vacation. Thinking back, I do recall that was completely and utterly inundated with work when Hildy and I got home. Then for several days I quarantined myself in my apartment and hardly moved from the couch thanks to an awful bug or virus of some sort. Maybe it was a going away present from Mexico?

Anyway, here are some photos of the adventures that Hildy and I at the Puerto Vallarta zoo, our resort and shopping around town…

NOTE: Pay special attention to the photo of Hildy with the giraffe. YES, the giraffe could have just stepped right out and joined us on our walk around the zoo if he had pleased…. crazy.

Happy Cinco de Mayo next week!

Chef Lou Aaron | Boise Portrait Photographer

When we lived at State & 22nd, the Westside Drive-In was our stand-by on nights when the Albertsons down the street seemed too far away. Thank you, Chef Lou Aaron, for your array of menu options at the Westside Drive-In–baked potatoes, tater tots w/fry sauce, awesome shakes, chili, onion rings, salads, BLTs, scotch n’ sodas… alright, you get the idea…

Moving along. I photographed Chef Lou Aaron for a story that revolved around rising prices in the food industry and the far-from-ideal-effect it is having on restaurants (and everyone).

If you subscribe to ’em, you can continue on with Idaho Business Review‘s Brad Carlson.

Just Another Manic Tuesday

Well folks, today was a blogging bust. I figure I’ll leave you with a quick latte pic as a token of my appreciation that you stopped by.

(I know, I know, a real cup of coffee would be a way better deal…)


Oh! I’m selling my computer desk. Yes, yes, it is this very desk from which I know type.

It’s a shame that I have to sell it because it totally suits my style & is a super unique piece of furniture. It even has a bit of cool history: it was originally used at Boise Land Management (or so said the guy who sold me the desk).

If it weren’t for an upcoming move to a 1,000 sq ft house (in which all furniture MUST be space-efficient) I wouldn’t dare part with it. If anyone in the Boise area is interested in the ol’ Burroughs desk, let me know & perhaps we can work something out without me being too sad about letting it go…




Women’s Rugby, Nemesis | Boise Photojournalist

Not going to lie…I showed up at the park expecting either a bunch of Amazon women to be crushing each other OR a bunch of average ladies with average athletic abilities & minimal roughness. My assumptions were wrong.

These Nemesis girls may not look like brutal rugby players upon first glance, but when that ball gets thrown in the air they transform before your eyes. Suddenly they’re scrappy, rough, tumbling, clawing, smashing fighters. I was quite impressed at the strength and brute force that these ladies could muster. If any games come to town soon, they were definitely be worth watching!

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Read Sheree Whiteley’s Boise Weekly article, “Real Women Play Rugby.”