Sneak Peek. Siena | Boise Newborn Photographer

Of all the things I’ve photographed while on assignment (trust me, the list is long!), never have I photographed a newborn. I was excited when recently the opportunity arose. I bought a bunch of soft, fuzzy props (not including the perfect-size-for-a-newborn bread basket I found in the kitchen section) at Target and was on my way to see what could possibly happen on a newborn shoot….

To my surprise, not all babies like to peacefully rest on their bellies with their bums high in the sky and their itty bitty hands tucked under their chin. In fact, some even prefer to lay on their backs and flail their arms and kick their feet and move, move, move. Working with natural light proved to yield some beautiful images, but was also a tad on the tricky side as Siena was one quick moving babe. As a side note, I’d say I was pretty lucky to only have a couple, “oh! she’s peeing!” moments on my first newborn session go-round. A huge thank you to brand new parents, Clifford & Katrina, for trusting a brand new newborn photographer to take photos of their beautiful, brand new baby girl.

Without futher ado, meet Siena. And I hope you enjoy a look at my first experience photographing a teeny, squealy, tiny, wiggly, brand new baby!

If you missed the maternity photos of Siena’s parents anxiously awaiting her arrival, check it out here.

Ruby + her cousins | Boise Family Photographer

Ruby and her mom were in town from Chicago for the weekend.  (Her mom, Carrie, found me on We met for a 30 minute session of Ruby and her two cousins — Jordan and Natalie — who live her in Boise. We were lucky to catch a great, sunny February afternoon. Enjoy this quick sneak peek!

And if you haven’t checked out Yelp, you should. It is a great resource for finding businesses in different cities around the world based on user reviews.

Expecting Beckett | Boise Maternity Photographer

Angela and Kelly (and their adorable daughter, Eleanor, too!) are friends of mine. Today I happened to be in their neighborhood so I dropped off a cd of their images. While Angela and I were chatting outside on their doorstep, Kelly cracked open the front door to report that Miss Eleanor (who is not quite two years old yet) had said, “Laurie! Come in and take a picture!” Really?! That’s the kind of heart-melting-good-stuff that makes me want to be a parent despite all my other apprehensions…

Let me just say that these two are some of the best parents I know. Their son is bound to be here any day, and I can’t wait to meet him. My fingers are crossed that the timing of his birth and my trip to Ireland don’t intersect too badly. If all goes as planned, labor and newborn photos should follow in the weeks to come!!

Dick Armstrong | Boise Photojournalist

Dick Armstrong is the head of Idaho’s Department of Health and Welfare. These photos were taken during the interview Boise Weekly’s George Prentice conducted to look back at 2010 and get a grasp of what is to come in 2011.

Read George Prentice’s article and interview with Dick Arrmstrong here.

Tiffany & Pet Insurance | Boise Photojournalist

I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany Myers for this shoot.  As a dog-lover and owner of a dog boarding business (Doggone Nuts!) she was the perfect candidate to be surveyed by a pet insurance company, and then interviewed by Idaho Business Review about said survey. After spending time with Tiffany and her dogs, I went home to find that my cat is infinitely less obedient.

On a photo note: This was one of those cases where I thought the images looked better in black and white — however, they ran in color. Thought I’d share both versions back to back in the slideshow. What do you think?