Sneak Peek ♥ Thomas & Colleen | Boise Wedding Photographer

About 3 weeks ago I did a sneak peak of Thomas & Colleen’s wedding — see the earlier post here. Now that I’m nearly done editing their images, I wanted to share some of my favorites.

Its not often that I get to photograph such a small, intimate, chapel wedding and I hope I was able to document their day in the romantic quality that seemed to be in the air.

a little inspiration for brides-to-be ♥ Boise Wedding Photographer

Ruffled is a blog that I bookmarked a year or so ago. It is a fantastic place to go for inspiration before I shoot a wedding or to see what fashion trends are going on in wedding planning.  For anyone who has a role in planning a wedding this year, check this blog out!  You’ll find tons of amazing photography, fashion, diy projects & ideas.

Idaho Athletic Club | for Idaho Business Review

Last week I went to the Idaho Athletic Club to grab shots of people doing their workout thang. About 5 years ago I used to work out at the Maple Grove location all the time. When I moved to Washington I canceled my membership and haven’t been back since. Wandering around inside they gym turned out to be quite eerie since it was a totally familiar environment, yet incredibly foreign. To add to the oddness, let’s not forget that I was in regular clothes, equipped with two cameras and being eyed warily by sweaty exercisers on all sides.

Regardless, I thought the photos turned out fun. Thanks to the Assistant General Manager, Boris Shulga, for being such a fit and willing subject!!

Thomas & Colleen. Getting Ready ♥ Boise Wedding Photographer

This wedding was simple, sweet & classic — a small ceremony in a small chapel.

Through my lens it seemed utterly intimate and romantic (and quite fun to shoot). Here is a very quick sneak peek of Thomas & Colleen marriage yesterday.

Flintknapping | for Boise Weekly

Last weekend I hung out with Randy and Gabe for a bit in the afternoon. We looked at Gabe’s impressive collection of arrowheads (both found and made) and then we headed out to open space and open skies. In the cold wind these two sat down and began chipping away at their pieces of stone. Gabe is an experienced craftsman who has shared his knowledge with Randy — who is eagerly learning this utterly old tradition and writing about it. That said, read more of Randy King’s article here.