Pumpkin Hunting 2010!

The time has come to freshen up this blog! I’ve decided to break in the new format with some fun photos from one of my absolute favorite fall activities — pumpkin hunting!! This year’s hunt included Nick, his sisters (Laura and Christine), and a friend of Laura’s.

Please, please comment and let me know if you prefer seeing all these astonishingly awesome photos in this slideshow form or the original layout. (Can’t remember what the original way of posting looks like? Click here!)

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Happy 95th Birthday Hisako!! | Boise Event Photography

The Yamamoto family recently celebrated Hisako’s 95th Birthday. They had a big celebration, complete with delicious food from the Copper Canyon restaurant, live music and even a magician!

Hisako makes 95 look good. Honestly, I had to try and keep up with her pace as she circled the room greeting her guests

Taylor Isabelle | Boise Child Photographer

Last spring I did photos of Taylor when she was just learning to sit up. They turned out incredibly cute. Check out the old post here!!

We caught an absolutely gorgeous autumn day in Eagle on the greenbelt and had fun getting photos of her walking (and tumbling) through the leaves. Aren’t blue eyes and perfectly chubby cheeks incredible?!

Sneak Peek. Taylor | Boise Child Photographer

For this photo shoot, I got to check out Boise’s mini-golfing scene, roam around a pumpkin patch the day before Halloween, and meet two fantastic ladies: Taylor and her mom, Andrea. Taylor has so much personality and her expressions show it! Andrea couldn’t have made it more fun for her daughter–between the tutu, the striped leggings, the relaxed feel of the shoot and the awesome locations, it was obvious that Andrea wanted Taylor to have sheer fun getting her photos taken.

Excellent photo philosophy to have Andrea! And I will  say, it was a pleasure to meet you!!