Brewforia Beer Market

Honestly, I’m not sure where these photos ended up being used.

I think I shot them for Boise Weekly’s Best of Boise issue. However, it doesn’t appear that they made it into the issue. Check out their new BOB title anyway: Best International Beer Crawl

Maybe BW ran out of print space. Maybe they’re in an upcoming food review and I’m ruining their debut. (Yes, they have food too!) Oh well, a beer selection this impressive needs to be shown to the world! (or at least to the handful of folks reading my blog)

Brewforia is rad — tons of unique beers to go (or to stay) and several unique taps flowing. This is the kind of place you can read and drink a beer and not look remotely crazy or lonely.

Best B’s in Your Bonnet. Boise Bargain Basket.

A Boise Weekly Editor’s Pick: Boise Bargain Basket

Each time I go in this store it gets better and the people seem to be nicer, and every time I go in I ask myself, why I don’t shop here more often?! In fact, I think I will head there for my groceries this week.

Try to keep this place a secret though. I avoid Winco for a reason…! Click here for details.

Best Urban Escape. MK Nature Center.

It’s true! You will find nature here.

Early one morning I went to the MK Nature Center hoping to find some early risers out enjoying a summer morning. Instead, I was greeted by a rather suspicious skunk. I left.

I returned during an evening where I got to see a crane (it was high up on a telephone pole, and my weak lenses do the trick) and some amazingly huge fish (sturgeon, I believe).

I’m still hoping to see a mink there one day. Has anyone ever seen a mink there??

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