Let’s See What Develops @ Bricolage | Boise Photographer

Check out Leila Ramella-Rader’s awesome collection of Polaroids. Hurry down to Bricolage to see them on display!

Chelsea & Jules at Bricolage created bags, shirts and pillows with Leila’s work printed on them. Super fun. This boutique is a hidden gem in the basement of the Idaho Building, and it’s full of fun handmade (and lots of locally made) art & goodies.

See Jen Thread

Boise Weekly’s Find of the Week!

Heard of threading? Think waxing, minus the wax plus thread. (Hopefully you can get the idea with the help of the photos…)

I had it done once and thought it was far better than waxing, especially with my sensitive skin. Jennifer Canning at Euphoria Salon in Hyde Park is currently the only person in Boise licensed to do threading.

PS. Totally recycled the See Jen Thread title from back when I did some photos of Jane (in Seattle for The Seattle Weekly) and her threading skills.